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姜超哲 I 2024开年作品 仲夏畅想 (感受自然之美,融合室内设计先驱者)

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全案设计:姜超哲   软装搭配:孟佳

人生不过是居家,出门,回家。“回家”,一个涵盖幸福的动词,家是心中纯粹的圣地。设计师 姜超哲 以实际感受出发,融入业主对仲夏傍晚的难忘回忆,精细化空间设计,承载基本居住需求以外的个性化场景需求。将业主儿时对仲夏的美好回忆通过材质、颜色、设计逻辑等手法一一展现,最终生成了 本次作品 仲夏畅想 。

Life is just about staying at home, going out, and going home. "Go home", a verb that encompasses happiness, is the pure holy land in the heart.


Each material has its unique temperature, which gives people different feelings and emotional changes. Apart from the expression of materials and emotions, the rest is logic and construction. In this case, a large amount of wood is used to neutralize it, and the "cold" on the stone and metal materials makes the entire space more advanced and warm.

入户便直面宽敞的空间,客厅、餐厅一览无余。视觉上规划有序,提升舒适度的同时将空间得以释放,满足居者的社交会客属性。设计师 姜超哲 老师讲:我们在建立在对生活群体的充分认知基础上去创造“自由灵动、舒适温暖”的居住氛围,让居者在此能够建立归属感,使其成为他们身体与精神的栖息地。

We create a "free, dynamic, comfortable and warm" living atmosphere based on a full understanding of the living group, allowing residents to establish a sense of belonging and become their physical and spiritual habitat.


Teacher Jiang Chaozhe makes good use of warm and elegant wood elements, supplemented by delicate texture furniture to give residents a relaxed and comfortable home.

姜超哲 老师说:一个真正宁静安逸的空间是可以感受的,是可以听到它的静,触碰到它的柔,感知到它的雅,不妨大胆的放松一下吧,用心去感受空间的声音吧,静下来你一定会有一个全新的体验!

Teacher Jiang Chaozhe said: A truly peaceful and comfortable space can be felt, where you can hear its stillness, touch its softness, and perceive its elegance. You may as well relax boldly and feel the sound of the space with your heart. After calming down, you will definitely have a brand new experience!


The designer hopes to present a moving feeling that can withstand the test of time through an ideal living environment. The plain walls and warm colors make up the entire space, and in the gentle breeze of the afternoon, savor the true taste of life.


In the tea room space, create a peaceful and comfortable place, with the physical feelings of the residents as the core, and establish emotional connections between people and space, as well as between people.


The fragrance of books fills the ears, while the fragrance of ink fills the nose. It is achieved through a clean and simple atmosphere, creating a harmonious relationship between ancient and modern times. The joy of carrying ancient ink should start from the "object" and then move further away.


Using pen and ink as the medium, paper as the carrier, to write beauty with strength and charm in a unique artistic form. Every stroke and ink is a monologue of the soul, a flow of emotions.


The color tones in the bedroom space are relatively harmonious, giving an overall elegant and bright feeling, with a strong visual effect. The combination of various colors in the space is also very harmonious.


Interpret infinite possibilities in limited space, broaden connotations and extensions, and seek solutions for the future use of each family member.


The bedroom continues the design language of midsummer, with simple lines outlining the sense of order in a private space. Light and shadow intertwine, bringing people closer to space and allowing residents to feel a true sense of happiness.


The boy's room is his private base, as well as his quiet corner. Comfortable bedding, gentle lighting, and simple spatial language have all transformed into his small world, learning to get along with a better version of himself.


Designer Jiang Chaozhe has connected the original two rooms, one large and one small, to meet living needs and provide an independent learning space. I think this space is really needed. It is a quiet reading room, a space for dedicated learning.


Effectively combining the relaxed and comfortable living conditions of residents with social needs, achieving spiritual resonance within the field, helping people living in it understand and feel life from different perspectives, interpreting every segment of daily life.


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或许这就是我的价值,愿每个人都能拥有自己的房子,让后把他装成喜欢的样子,然后在自己的家里满心都是喜欢。   — 姜超哲

I enjoy creating, creating designs that are people-oriented, creating classic yet not sensational designs. I like life to be simpler, so I prefer purer designs. We listen to every homeowner's desire for home, and then work together to complete the construction of the home.

Perhaps this is my value. May everyone have their own house, so that they can dress up as they like and be filled with love in their own home  -- Jiang Chaozhe